Welcome to iSTLab

Welcome to iSTLab Welcome to iSTLab

iSTLab (interactive Software Technologies & System Engineering Laboratory) – a research unit of the Department of Applied Information Technology and Multimedia of the Technological Educational Institution of Crete – was established in 2006 and was formally instituted as a research laboratory in 2007. It is supported by Research and Development projects and institutional funding. The objective of the laboratory is to undertake research and development activities in selected scientific domains and emerging technologies, as well as to support students of the Department of Applied Information Technology and Multimedia in their effort to acquire basic theoretical knowledge, state of the art laboratory experiences and high quality skills and expertise. To this end, the laboratory offers opportunities for industrial placement and contract-based work for graduate students willing to gain practical experience in selected technological domains. Moreover, the laboratory has established liaisons with local industry and national universities and research laboratories to support graduates in search of working experience or postgraduate studies.

At present, iSTLab members include professors of the Department of Applied Information Technology and Multimedia, research students and a small number of external collaborators and colleagues. The laboratory specializes on a range of technological areas with an emphasis on Human Computer Interaction, Software Design, Software Engineering, Computer Supported Collaborative Work, Community Networking and Virtual Organization Informatics.

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Interactive Software Technologies & System Engineering Laboratory